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In my quest to find hidden gems sealed behind a cork; I talk to winemakers, visit wine regions, and taste the greatest fermented liquid on earth.

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Top 10 Everyday Wines for Under $20 of 2019

The fact that a vintage is noted on the bottle is just 1 indication of how complex it can be to choose what to select for the shelves at your local Corner Store. Was this year better than that, and how do I know....

Orange Wine - Your Eyes Did Not Deceive You!

Orange wine is a bit of a misnomer, as it's not wine made from the fruit of oranges, nor is it a Mimosa cocktail make with sparkling wine. The phrase is useful to describe the category though, as it pulls together...

The Collection - Target Wines

If you have been shopping at Target recently, you may have noticed an addition to the Wine Isles this past spring. The Collection is a set of wines featuring abstract pastel designs created by in-house artists at...

The Sustainable Winegrowing Movement

As today's consumer becomes more focused on what is on the table, the wine community is taking a proactive approach to address their environmental impact by adopting and implementing the Sustainable Winegrowing...