Gadget Rating Guide

Wine gadgets reviewed on will be awarded a star rating, to help our users to determine their own interest in purchasing a reviewed items. Readers are encouraged to pay attention to the descriptions, as well as the star ratings in making their decision.

Our star ratings are as follows:

***** Super Buy; a gadget worth seeking out to purchase. This item was easy to use, very intuitive & exceeded expectations. Amazing quality & value.
**** An Outstanding Buy; a special item for enjoying that special bottle. Request it at your local wine shop, may need to read the instructions to get maximum value. 
*** A Good Buy; This item rises above the crowd of gadgets. It represents a quality gadget for your average home wine consumption.
** A Fine Buy; This gadget is average and nothing to go out and search for. A standard tool.
* Bad Buy; Gadgets to avoid, consumer recalls, or products that fail to meet thier basic described functions.

Wine Gadgets received as a demo or sample will be noted as such in the review.

I will make a reasonable attempt to obtain another gadget to rate, should any gadget arrive as damaged.

And Readers, if you have any requests or suggestions of great wine gadgets we should check out, send us a message on social media. Cheers!