Guide to Building the Perfect Wine Gift Basket

With Easter right around the corner, making up baskets had been on my mind. Thare are many incredible wines available today, so there’s no reason to buy a pre-made wine gift basket. You can make up your own gift that is much higher in quality and is a better value than anything you will find in the supermarket. Plus, a personalized gift makes the recipient feel truly special. By following some simple tips, you can create a memorable, fun and beautiful wine gift basket that anryone will adore. As long as you choose wine from a high-quality producer for your basket, then the bottle should speak for itself.

Tips for your basket:

  • Choose a basket that is approriate for the total content being included, with space to arrange the wine and other items.
  • Pick a color scheme that complements the chosen wine’s label. Try to pick out 1-3 prominent colors of the label to use for your theme. If you have many different wines in the basket, you can also use a single color for the ribbon, filler material, and any wrapping paper you use to make the basket look more cohesive. Avoid Neon and Metalic colors, as they tend to draw the eyes away from the contents.
  • Place a quality towel at the bottom of the basket as padding. Towels protect the bottles, stemware, and other fragile items from damage during transport of the basket.
  • Put the non-wine snacks and accessories in the basket first and the wine in last. You should store the wine in a cellar or in your storage for as long as possible. Usually placing the bottle(s) in the basket no more than a couple days before the gift exchange. 
  • Seal the basket with clear or theme colored cellophane so your gift recipient can see what’s inside. Try to avoid layering colored cellophane and stick to lighter colors to make sure you can see through without straining.