How Many Wineries Can I Visit in a Day?

How many wineries can or should you visit in any given day, is one of the most common questions I get from those I help plan wine destinations. Then, how much time should I plan to spend at each winery? These question's answers are related to each other and while there are no set rules to those answers, you will need to consider these questions when planning your specific wine tasting trip.

What to Consider When Deciding How Many Wineries to Visit

Are you planning to spit the wine out or drink it?

This is a critical part of your planning decision. If you planning to evaluate & spit, then you can visit more wineries in a given day. I have known those who comfortably visit 8 wineries a day when traveling to wine regions. This is a great way to go if you are in wine country to find wines you'd like to buy for your collection. Your senses will remain sharp through the whole day, and it will allow you to appreciate each wine up until the end of your day.

If you plan to drink the wine samples, you need to reduce the number of wineries you plan to visit each day. Each winery you visit will pour you between 4 to 6 samples of wine to taste from their available wines. This is equal to about 1 glass of wine every 4-5 samples. Premium tours tend to pour on the heavy side. You should consider how many glasses of wine you are comfortable drinking in a typical setting, as you are going to feel the same at the wineries as you consume more & more. Nothing ruins a perfect day of wine & fun faster than over indulging. Your tolerance for wine consumption is one of the key factors in deciding how many wineries you can visit in a day.

Are you planning to do Activities or Tours at the wineries you plan to visit?

With options ranging from seated tastings which include some basic wine education to experiences that will feature some food pairing options. The added formality can enhance your experience, but it also adds a lot of time to each visit. Also, check in advance to see if there are other requirements for these additional packages: minimum number of participants, scheduled times, reservation requirements, limited availability, etc.

How much travel time is there between the wineries you plan to visit?

Depending on the wine region you are visiting this can vary a lot. There are areas where you can walk to 5 - 10 tasting rooms in a matter of minutes. Where town centers have been transformed into tasting rooms & eatery meccas for the Vino Lover. Other regions are located up in the mountains & require 20-minute drives between wineries. 

Most of the wine regions are located in the center of nature's beauty, so don't rush between vineyards or tasting rooms. Map out the locations you want to visit and determine the travel time between stops, then look into local attractions or parks where you can have a snack or take in the splendor of wine country.

Who is driving?

Be smart & find a driver or designate someone in your group before the day starts. Driving under the influence is illegal everywhere and the consequences are never good. With as many options for on-demand car services today, there is no reason for someone to drive with a 'buzz.' You can also plan to visit wine tasting areas that are walkable or find a local wine train/bus.

How much time should I plan to spend at each winery?

Are you planning to take part in a tour, food pairing experience or premium wine tasting? More and more wineries are adding features to the wine tasting options. You can of course still just walk up to the tasting room bar and get a simple pour, but most of the enhanced options require reservations. For these simile types of winery tastings, you should expect to spend 45 minutes to one hour. If there is a tour included, you can expect to spend over an hour per stop.


Most wineries are open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., but always check in advance for Days & Times of tasting room availability. They will usually 'last call' about 20 minutes before closing time. That means you have about six and half hours of time on your trip to plan your wine tasting adventures. 

Please also consider the driving conditions and expected weather changes on the day of, when making the final call. The appropriate number of wineries to visit in a day ultimately is up to you & your traveling companions. I think that 3 - 5 wineries per day is a good number & lets your enjoy the day without the pressure to move on so quickly. You will enjoy each winery more and remember the experience. No matter when or where your are going to discover new wines, the more planning you do in advance, the more enjoyable your trip will be!