Museo do la Vid y El Vino

One of the things that Exploring.Wine is trying to do is expand the knowledge our readers, capture our wine education journey and share with those some of the amazing things Carolina & I, Chuck, find along the way. One of those amazing finds came the other day while driving from one winery to another in the Valle de Guadalupe.  We discovered the 'Museo do la Vid y El Vino' or 'Museum of Vine and Wine.' What a perfect location for a quick stop to stretch our legs and our knowledge.

The first thing you notice is the beautiful vineyard & ultra modern architecture of the building, the upper floor's salon provided a stunning view that would make an amazing backdrop to any event. Unlike many other museums I have visited, this one offered packages and could include a wine tasting of local producers. We chose to go with just the museum access this time, and began our self-guided history of winemaking of the world with a focused lens on how if made it's journey to Mexico. The first portion of the museum's target was the storage of wine & transportation, with a transition into the the winemaking process. The display's covered portable crushers, bottle size examples, Oak barrel production and modernization over the past 100 years of so.

The last wing of the museum is all about the Art. From oils capturing the history of wine, to black & white pastels focussed on a moment in time, large full wine barrels decoration, to creative ink drawings on wine labels. They were all special, providing great examples of the vast styles & cultures that wine touches. They say they add, rotate and borrow to help change this collection from time to time to allow for new perspectives to be available to the public. 

Once we were finished inside, we went out onto the grounds. There was an amazing walking path that provided a host more historical items to view. From tractors to fermentation vats, bottling machines to historic crushers, these selects of the past were on display for those who visit. We then wandered the vineyard, enjoying the nice afternoon sunshine and amazing views of the surrounding mountains. This is probably as close to center as you can get in the Valle de Guadalupe, so it offers a unique perspective to the region's layout. I would recommend anyone visiting Ensenada, Mexico to add this to your trip.