Sample Policy reviews are focused largely on wines purchased at a retailer, winery or part of a wine club shipment. That said, we do accept samples for tasting and review. The following are my guidelines:

  • Wine received as a sample will be noted as such on the review. Sending a sample does not guarantee that we will write about it. While we will write a negative review if the quality of the wine calls for it, we will contact the winery/distributor directly if we feel that the bottle is flawed. (We will confirm that suspicion with a fellow sommelier or wine professional.) We will always write a review if the wine is outstanding.
  • We often do our own photography to display the wine. It would be helpful to keep stickers off the front label of the bottle.
  • Please include a wine technical sheet when possible, but when legal stickers cover back labels, the fact sheets can help provide the details covered by the decals. We love a good back-story, so feel free to send us as much information as you please.
  • It’s helpful if you email the shipping details as soon as you get your shipping label or arrange pick-up. This helps to ensure someone is here to sign for delivery, or arrange an intercept at UPS, FedEx, GSC, CA Overnight, etc. Keep in mind excessive heat and cold can impact wine greatly, so it’s mutually beneficial if I can plan for delivery. We will acknowledge any receipt of a sample to the sender via a provided email address, whether we ultimately decide to write a review about it or not.

We actively seek opportunities as a media guest reporter/wine blogger to wine tastings, winery events and other opportunities that are related to wine & it’s production.

We also actively visit wineries in order to interview winemakers, owners, and other personnel so that we may gain insights into the contents of the bottles they produce.

Additionally, we would be happy to review any wine related books, gadgets or accessories. The review focus is on wine and entertaining, with the emphasis on the benefits and ease of use for this purpose. The same applies to these promo items as the wine, once sent they will not be returned and become property of Exploring.Wine

We can’t guarantee a review, but we can guarantee that we will try your wine with an open mind and a cheerful heart. We can’t guarantee when the review will be published, but we will call you or send you an email when the review appears.

If you have any questions or need some followup details, our contact and shipping information are listed below:

Exploring.Wine info@Exploring.Wine Phone number upon written email request


Chuck Dowe
2560 Bancroft Dr.
Suite 3
Spring Valley, CA 91977


Thank you for your interest in product reviews.

And finally, offers of wine related travel &/or hospitality arrangements are ideally for two people. Contact us for details.