Stainless Steel Vacuum Wine Pump by VonShef

Stainless Steel Vacuum Wine Pump by VonShef


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I discovered VonShef's Stainless Steel Vacuum Wine Pump while looking for a way to preserve the open bottles left-over from dinner parties. I would end up opening 3 - 5 bottles to pair with meal choices & guest preferences, but never finish all of the wines opened.

The device is easy to use, once you have finished your wine drinking for the evening, you follow this simple process:

  1. Insert the nozzle of VonShef Wine Pump Stopper into the opening of the bottle.
  2. Place the pump into the bottle and attach the pump to remove the air from the bottle. Remove the pump, leaving just the stopper, keeping the wine bottle vacuum sealed.
  3. Re-apply process each time the bottle is opened.

About a week later, I re-opened the test bottle and tasted the wine. I then decided to see if I waited more than one week if the bottle would taste the same. I also wanted a true & fair comparison of my senses, so I opted for 2 identical bottles of wine at the same time, keeping one as a control.

The Test:

I opened 2 bottles of Orbit Merlot 2012
Day # Bottle 1 Bottle 2
1 The nose is of dark cherry, plum and herbs. The palate is plum, blueberry and herbs. The nose is of dark cherry, plum and herbs. The palate is plum, blueberry and herbs.
7 A nose of stewed black fruit. The palate was overripe berries. The finish is gone. The nose is of fading dark cherry, jammy plum and no more herbs present. The palate is plum, blueberry and baking spices.
14 The nose smelled of vinegar & raisins. The palate was now very overripe plum, bitter undercurrent of decaying fruit & the wine is now unbalanced. The nose is of black cassis, jammy plum and hints of baking spices. The palate is similar to the nose with with harsh & out of balance tannins.

My conclusion

My conclusion is that for preserving wine for up to a week with this system is great. I would suggest this system for your Longer term storage (more than 10 days.) But my most common use cases, having left over wine from opening your 2nd bottle of the evening, it is a great solution to keep the wine fresh until you have a chance to enjoy it again.